Use of Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used almost everywhere in gastronomy. Here are some good ideas!

Olive oil is a fatty substance that can replace almost any other fat during cooking.

Starting with the use of raw olive oil, its addition to salads creates a particularly fragrant touch, but also a tasty surprise, as it highlights the vegetable aromas without there being a need to use salt.

Sautéing is a common process applied in the preparation of many recipes, especially when one wants to shield the moisture of juicy foods that should not get dry at high temperatures. Olive oil is an ideal solution in sautéing, as it does not go rancid at high temperatures and quickly offers the desired result.

Another great idea is to replace the use of vegetable fats with olive oil. Vegetable fats are often spoiled at room temperature and have short sustainability in a recipe. Olive oil, when an ingredient, e.g. in a cake, can extend its sustainability by maintaining the desired moisture.

The use of olive oil in frying is not widespread, but it is worth trying, since olive oil is heat resistant, stands reheating and of course gives a wonderful crunchy result without drying the inside of the food.

A wonderful tasty result can be achieved when olive oil is used in the marinating process. Marinating (mixing flavorings and spices with a fatty substance) is a common preparatory process applied to soften and flavor a food. Due to its chemical structure, olive oil “embraces” volatile compounds, resulting to it sealing the aromas and leading to delicious creations of high gastronomy.