Olive oil and health

Extra virgin olive oil is known to be a food / health ally. What exactly are its benefits and why should we include it in our diet?

Olive oil is considered not only a nutritious food, but a food also suitable for prevention.

Olive oil monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are now scientifically proven to help prevent cardiovascular disease (Perez – Jimenez, F et. Al. 2005), preventing diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and strokes.

In 2006, Maria Isabelle Covas, in her extensive scientific research on olive oil polyphenols, published in the Pharmalogical Research journal, reported that the intaking of olive oil through one’s diet reduced DNA oxidation by 13%, same as in smoking cessation.

In the EUROLIVE European study of the same year, it was shown that consuming 25ml of olive oil daily can protect against oxidative stress, a condition that occurs to the human body due to many factors, such as smoking and poor diet.

The University of Bordeaux (INSERM) reports, in the Neurology Journal, following a study on elderly people who used olive oil in their daily diet, that they had a 41% lower stroke risk.

Extra virgin olive oil is a miracle food for the body and health!